Transitioning to secondary school is a significant milestone in a 6th class pupil’s academic journey, marking the shift from primary education to second level. Secondary school is a more complex and diverse learning environment. The transition process typically involves the educational passport which accompanies our pupils to their new school. 

The purpose of the Education Passport is to support the sharing of some information about your child’s learning with their chosen post-primary school. The process involves the collection of the perspective of pupils, parents and the school. This information is collated and forwarded to your child’s post-primary school to allow for a smooth transition.

We also offer information sessions with various secondary schools in this catchment area to help our pupils become familiar with the new school’s layout, rules, and expectations. Secondary school students may also receive guidance and support to navigate the larger campus, manage increased academic demands, and adapt to a new social setting with older peers. 

The transition period aims to ease the pupils’ adjustment to the higher expectations and responsibilities of secondary school, while also fostering independence, self-confidence, and a sense of belonging in their new educational community. Encouraging open communication between students, parents, teachers, and school staff is crucial during this pivotal time to ensure a smooth and successful transition for all involved.