Induction to primary school is an important process designed to help new Junior Infant pupils transition smoothly into their educational journey. Typically, primary school induction involves welcoming the parents to the school, for an induction meeting. Parents are provided with information about our school policies and procedures. We like to introduce the parents to key staff members, including principal, deputy and the junior infant teachers. 

Often local crèches and childcare providers bring groups of children to visit us in June. This helps the children to become familiar with their new learning environment, meet their new teachers, and start building a sense of belonging and confidence in their new school community. Close to the end of June, all new pupils will be invited for a brief visit and to meet their teacher for the coming school year.

We also include activities such as fun introductory games, icebreakers, and orientation sessions to help children settle in, make friends, and feel comfortable in their new surroundings. Overall, primary school induction sets the stage for a positive and successful educational experience for the young learners.