Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a reading program designed to help students improve their reading skills and comprehension.

It is widely used in schools to motivate students to read and track their progress.

Here is how the Accelerated Reader program generally works:

  1. **Assessment**: Students take a reading comprehension test called the STAR Reading test to determine their reading level. This test helps identify appropriate reading materials for each student.
  2. **Book Selection**: After taking the test, students are given a reading level range and can choose books within that range. These books are labeled with AR levels based on their difficulty.
  3. **Reading and Comprehension**: Students read the books and take quizzes on the Accelerated Reader platform to test their comprehension. The quizzes assess various aspects of the book, such as plot, characters, and main ideas.
  4. **Points and Progress**: Students earn points based on their quiz performance and the difficulty of the books they read. Teachers and schools can set goals for students to achieve based on points earned or quiz performance.
  5. **Feedback and Monitoring**: Teachers can monitor students’ reading progress, quiz scores, and overall performance on the Accelerated Reader platform. They can provide feedback, assistance, and support to help students improve their reading skills.


Overall, Accelerated Reader aims to make reading fun, engaging, and rewarding for students while also helping teachers track and support individual pupil progress.